Embedding Flash & Unity Web Player on Blogger (Part 1)

UPDATE 2: Click here for PART 2

I was trying to embed some of my games on WordPress but realized that it was not possible. I would need to install both the Unity and Flash Player plugins and to do so, I would need to upgrade my FREE WordPress account. Thank God for Blogger! (Yeah, yeah. I know I am moving but I think I will be hosting my games there for the time being.)

After Google-ing about, I found out that Blogger allows embedding for both of those web players without needing to upgrade anything. Then, I hit multiple walls. Let me list these “walls” down:

– looking for a file hosting site (Dropbox)
– figuring out how to embed hosted files on Blogger
– figuring out and Google-ing the HTML codes for both web players
– getting said HTML codes to work as intended
– figuring out a workaround for a feature that was removed from the file hosting site

Finally, I got my games to work on both of those web players on Blogger. Then, I hit another wall. It seems like my games won’t show on my friends’ browser. I have a bad feeling it is because I am not hosting my files on Dropbox’s Public Folder… (Note: This is my first time using Dropbox. Apparently, new Dropbox accounts do not support the Public Folder function anymore.)

Will try to host the file on my friend’s old Dropbox account and see what happens. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: After moving the files over to my friend’s ‘Public Folder’, the web players are working fine now. Phew!

(Image from depositphotos.com)


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