Storing Knowledge (UPDATED 28/6/2013)

I read and explore a lot online. When I come across interesting articles or sites, I would either bookmark the link or store them up in a .doc or .txt file. Sometimes I would even leave tabs on my browser for a few days to store links.

Lately, things had gotten really messy. So, I have decided to store and archive them here instead. Will start archiving them accordingly once the list grow longer.

The 15 Golden Rules Of Free-To-Play
Geo A Day
How Planning Too Much Is Sometimes A Bad Thing
Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways To Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump
The Fundamental Pillars of a Combat System
Employer Time vs. Candidate Time – Which time zone do you live in?
The 9 common mistakes every indie game studio should avoid
Most Popular Top 10s of 2012
The Photographers You Idolize Are No Better Than You
Learning From The Masters: Level Design In The Legend Of Zelda
5 tips for making great animations for 2D games
Indies met challenges, learned lessons in 2012
What AAA can learn from indies — according to indies
Congratulations, Your First Indie Game is a Flop
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Programmers
Opinion: Metal Gear Solid 3’s moments are the franchise’s pinnacle
Cliff Bleszinski’s Game Developer Flashcards
Opinion: When talking to the press too early can hurt you
Thirty Is Not The New Twenty: Why Your 20s Matter
Tales from the Steam Workshop: we talk to modelers making six figure sums
The Last Guardian speaker encloure DIY by foxfoxwaltz
Cyberpunk 2077 (Behind The Scene)
How to edit your resume like a professional resume writer
Top 10 Tips for Acing Your Next Job Interview
Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Low Power NAS
Kingdom Hearts Needs More Scrooge McDuck
The Hazards of Haikyo and Urban Exploration
The Kickstarter Successes: Where Are They Now?
Punk’s Not Dead – RPS
Celebrity developers: What’s in a name?
Why Should Someone get a Degree in Video Games, Anyway?
How to Read Body Language to Reveal the Underlying Truth in Almost Any Situation
Become More Photogenic by Knowing How Genuine Facial Expressions Feel
How to Use a Gamepad for Any iOS Game (Not Just Emulators)
Why Does This Android App Need So Many Permissions?
Declutter in Your Life and Embrace Minimalism This Weekend – Redesign
Shigeru Miyamoto Shares Nintendo Secrets
learnfun & playfun: A general technique for automating NES games
Fred DeLuca – The Subway Sandwich Doctor
How Jason Rohrer Won The Game Design Challenge
Tiny Games and the idea of facilitation
Mass Effect: Massive Interface Fail
The Voxel Agents: From the game no one bought to Puzzle Retreat
The Making of XCOM’s Jake Solomon
Gender issue a chicken and egg problem, says Monaco dev
Why Adventure Games Suck
I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet
The quest for Shadow of the Colossus’ last big secret
Death of Adventure Games
Real Things Video Games Teach You
Defining Success: Why Metacritic Should Be Irrelevant
How To Turn Your Android Phone Into A Gaming Powerhouse
Steam Early Access: From Underdogs to Alpha Dogs
Why I Let My Students Cheat On Their Game Theory Exam
How four indie teams got funded with and conquered Kickstarter (Part I, Part II)
If you love something, let it go
How to Let Go of Someone Who You Deeply Loved
Characters and Worldbuilding: Analyzing the Strength of Japanese Games
Rapid Level Creation On A Budget With Google Warehouse And Unity Pro – No Artist Required
5 Things Video Game Do Better Than Any Other Forms of Art
The Father of Civilization
The Psychology Behind Steam’s Summer Sale
Dynamite Fishing: An Open Letter to Phil Fish
The Evolutionary Edge of Going Indie
Quick Q&A: Why She Thinks Gamers Can Improve The World
Fuck Videogames by Darius Kazemi
RE: Fuck Videogames by Liz Ryerson

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