GAME: Development Resource

I have a bad habit of leaving tabs of interesting or handy websites opened on my Firefox browser. Why not use the bookmark function? Well, it is kinda flooded and I have yet to clean the list up.

Previously, I started a post where I would store the links of article that I find to be helpful or informative. Today, I am starting a new post to store links of websites with handy resources. Keep in mind that it is gonna be a mix bag of everything.

Help List
Game Developer Help List


Indie Fund
Indie Prize

Development Tool

OGMO Editor
Pyxel Edit
Ren’Py (Visual Novel)


How-To (Making and Finishing a Game)
How To Make A Game
A Beginner’s Guide To Making Your First Video Game
Finishing a Game
Make Games by Pixel Prospector

How-To (Game Creation Tool)
Beginner’s guide to Construct 2
Nivram’s Multimedia Examples
How To Make Games With Twine
Create a game from scratch: Top-down Shooter – Unity
The Best Free Tools For Making Your Own Video Games

How-To (Art)
Explaining Frames-Per-Second (And Motion Blur)
Blender NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering)
How to Draw Detailed Buildings
10 Drawing Myths that Block Your Progress

How-To (Programming)
Spelunky Generator Lessons by Darius Kazemi
Game Mechanic Explorer by John Watson

Random Word Generator
Game Rumour Generator
Game Concept Generator by Orteil42

Special HTML Characters
Star Wars crawl with HTML – Tim Pietrusky

Resources | ART
Assemblee Competition

Resources | SOUND

Resources | FONTS
Lost Type


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